Collection: Hatching Eggs


Hatching egg shipping is a flat rate $30 per dozen ($25 for MS or LA zip codes). We ship USPS Priority, and hatching egg orders generally arrive within 1-3 days. We ship our eggs double boxed in foam egg shippers to minimize poor handling.

Hatching Eggs are not shipped immediately upon placing your order. If you have a preferred ship date, please leave us a message in the note section of your order. If we’re unable to fulfill your order on your preferred date, we’ll reach out to you to arrange the next best available ship date. If you leave the note blank, your hatching eggs will be shipped at the soonest availability. 

Per our policy, we do not issue refunds or cancellations on orders placed. Some of our products will allow customers to purchase beyond what is currently “in stock.” This feature allows for pre-orders on upcoming hatches and egg availability. If this poses an issue for you, we suggest reaching out about current wait times or simply check back for a formal restock. If we are not able to fulfill the order within six months, we will refund you only under those circumstances. You agree to these terms and conditions at checkout when placing an order through us.


THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES ON HATCHING EGGS. There is an assumed risk when purchasing hatching eggs. Please buy only if you are willing to accept that they may not hatch. We pride ourselves on packaging your beautiful eggs with love and care. The reality is once your package leaves our farm, the USPS is in control of your eggs. Your eggs can be damaged during shipping, mishandled during transport, rendered infertile due to x-rays, or be subject to extreme temperatures. These are issues beyond our control and are an inherent risk of mailed hatching eggs. WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS.


If you need to contact us in regards to an existing order, please reply to your order confirmation email. This keeps all correspondence linked to your order so communication remains clear and we can most efficiently assist you. Social media messages and direct emails can easily get lost with the number of notifications we receive daily.