Purchase Agreement

When you order from Windmill Hill, you agree to the following terms and conditions. There are no exceptions.

By making payment, you acknowledge that you have read and do hereby accept all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.


I understand I am purchasing hatching eggs I am responsible for incubating. Windmill Hill Hatchery is not responsible for instructing me on incubation. I understand 50% development rate from shipped eggs is widely accepted as the standard, and I may see more or less. I also understand Windmill Hill does not guarantee egg color. There is fluctuation in egg color for every breed throughout a lay cycle. The first eggs after a break in laying or from a new layer are always the most saturated. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES ON THE OUTCOME OF HATCHING EGGS, especially when shipped. There is an assumed risk when purchasing hatching eggs. By purchasing, I am accepting any hatch rate, even zero. Windmill Hill guarantees hatching eggs are thoroughly examined for cracks prior to being double boxed in foam shippers. The reality is once my package leaves the farm, the USPS is in control of the eggs. Eggs can be damaged during shipping, mishandled during transport, rendered infertile due to x-rays, or be subject to extreme temperatures. These are issues beyond Windmill Hill’s control and are an inherent risk of mailed hatching eggs. Windmill Hill cannot be held responsible for the handling of my order after it has left the farm. Should my package be lost or damaged, it is the customer’s responsibility to take photo evidence and file a claim with the USPS. 

Windmill Hill Hatchery wants you to have an excellent hatch with healthy, thriving chicks.
Please do not frequently candle your eggs. Removing them from the incubator too often subjects them to fluctuating temperatures and humidity changes. This is a sure way to jeopardize your hatch.



Buying live poultry has an assumed inherent risk in successfully raising them and is a buyer’s risk. As a buyer of live animals, my responsibility is to provide an environment with proper heat (heat bulb, not a heat plate), bedding, food, and water. Sometimes things go wrong without any real reason that can be determined even when care instructions are followed. LIVE POULTRY MORTALITY OR MORBIDITY IS NOT GUARANTEED AFTER SAFE AND TIMELY DELIVERY. Windmill Hill Hatchery is unable to refund or replace any poultry after it has arrived safe and in a timely manner. Windmill Hill’s pricing is not setup to incur these types of expenses and risk beyond that point. Once the chicks are in my care, they are my responsibility. If I wish to make a claim with Windmill Hill, it is my responsibility to photograph any and all deceased chicks in the shipping box they arrived dead in. If I find a chick has a defect such as severe splayed leg, cross beak, or any missing features, it is my responsibility to photograph the chick in question and prepare a description of my concerns. All claims should be sent via E-mail. ***Please reply to your order or shipping confirmation email. This ensures the correct order number and respective information is attached to your claim.*** Should my package be lost, delayed, or damaged, it is the customer’s responsibility to take photo evidence and file a claim with the USPS.


I, as a purchasing customer, acknowledge that I have read, and do hereby accept all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.