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Black Copper Marans hatching eggs

Black Copper Marans hatching eggs

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Chocolate eggs and feathered feet, what more could you ask for? The Marans breed has several different varieties, but the most popular seems to be the Black Copper Marans. 

Egg Laying

Black Copper Marans are renowned for their extraordinary, dark, chocolate-brown eggs. All Marans hens lay a dark brown egg, but the Black Copper is sought after, because its egg color is especially “chocolate.” Some eggs will also have the darker colored speckles, similar to a Welsummer’s eggs. 

Egg color can also be cyclical. At the beginning of the laying season, you will find eggs are considerably darker than what you find by the end of the season. The pigment overlay is a finite source, so once your hen’s “ink” starts to get low, the color she deposits on her eggs gets lighter. 

Black Copper Marans is an average layer in quantity, but the egg’s quality is unsurpassed.

Appearance & Disposition

Black Copper Marans are named for their black and copper plumage. Sometimes the black feathers will have an attractive green iridescence when seen in full sunlight. Breed standards say that this bird should be long and strong, with the saddle slightly raised. The body forms a wide, elongated “V” and the shoulders should be wide. The feathers of the hackles are long and copper-red. The APA classifies all Marans as large fowl, which makes sense. The roosters can grow as large as eight pounds, putting them on the larger side of average. The hens are a little smaller, averaging six to six and a half pounds. Marans are considered dual purpose. 

The Black Copper Marans are quiet and gentle, although the roosters can confront other roosters. This temperament fits with the history of gamecock breeding and is expected to a certain degree with all roosters. We do our best to breed for ideal temperament. Hens are also generally docile and quiet in nature.



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