About the Farm

Osyka, Mississippi 

Our primary focus at Windmill Hill Hatchery is raising a healthy, happy birds. 

Our chickens are raised on pasture in the safety of chicken tractors we’ve designed and built ourselves. They’re moved to fresh grass daily to allow access to forage and sanitary grounds. We value our chickens’ freedom to be chickens. We believe grass, seed, bugs, and other grazing provisions are a core part of their diet and access to such should not be limited. We’re happy to see our hens roosting, dust bathing, and enjoying the sunshine. When chickens are permitted to roam free with space to socialize, run, and stretch their wings, they get more exercise. The outcome is not only a happier animal, but healthier meat and richer eggs. This means you can expect healthier chicks and experience peace of mind knowing they came from a happy place.


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Our farm isn’t just a hatchery.

Our cut flower fields are open for u-pick seasonally. Harvests are offered for wholesale to florists and a few retail locations. We also offer a la carte bunches, bulk buckets, and subscriptions.

We breed AKKPS & IKHR Registered Kune Kune pigs. We are expecting litters Spring-Fall 2024. Follow us on social media for updates.

Our dorper sheep are for permaculture use and meat production, and are not for sale.

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