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Windmill Hill Hatchery

Mosaic hatching eggs

Mosaic hatching eggs

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*SOLD OUT for 2024 season.

Mosaics were created by Gold Feather Farms after years of selective breeding. Each chicken will be a different mosaic pattern and you’ll be able to tell them apart.

Egg Laying

Mosaic eggs are medium-sized and ivory in color. There is no exact range for the number of eggs they could supply, but they are considered good layers. Mosaics could most probably provide your needs all year round. While most of my other breeds are settling down for the year, the Mosaics continue to supply throughout the winter.

Appearance & Temperament

They're a fibromelanistic breed with blue skin. You may notice their striking blue-turquoise, iridescent earlobes! All of my breeders display this trait. Other than that, no two birds of this breed look exactly alike. They will be similar and complement one another as a flock. However, like a real mosaic, each individual bird displays its own unique color pattern. If you are someone who enjoys flashy chickens or you like to distinguish each with their own name, these may be for you.

Mosaics are calm, very curious, and overall display big personalities. They also display some intelligence. They’ve quickly become a farm favorite here.



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