Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Osyka, MS.

Can I visit the farm / Do you welcome farm tours?

No. We are a working farm with a never-ending to-do list. Please reach out to schedule an appointment before stopping by for a visit. We ask that you respect our family, farm, and animals. We take our animals' health and biosecurity seriously. In order to provide you with the healthiest birds, we do not allow visitors to tour our farm. Due to the scale of our property, our chicken tractors may or may not be within view. We're happy to discuss our practices and how we build our tractors, but in addition to the biosecurity risk, the trek across the uneven terrain of our pastures also poses a liability. We hope you understand our concerns.


Do you offer local pick-up?

We offer farm pick-up. Our farm is conveniently located next to a major interstate and the Louisiana-Mississippi state line. Super easy access, you won’t have any trouble finding us! We love meeting our customers.


Will you meet me somewhere?

No, our time on the farm is valuable. We ask that you come to us to pick-up your order.


Will you ship outside the USA?

No. We will ship chicks anywhere in the continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.


How long will it take to receive my order?

AFTER SHIPMENT: Hatching eggs delivered via Priority Mail will arrive in 1-3 days. Chicks delivered via Express Mail will arrive in 1-2 days. We cannot control USPS shipments, and therefore cannot guarantee delivery on a particular day. You will be provided a USPS tracking number in your shipping confirmation email.


How will I know when my Eggs/Chicks arrive?

Your phone number will be included on the package, and you should receive a call from the Post Office to come pick up your package. We recommend notifying your Postmaster about your hatching egg or live-chick shipment to increase the chances they’ll be handled properly and that you’ll receive that phone call as soon as they arrive.


How are Hatching Eggs shipped?

We ship hatching eggs double boxed in high-quality foam egg shippers. All hatching eggs orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail. For an additional charge, we can ship Express.  We cannot control USPS shipments, and therefore cannot guarantee delivery on a particular day—unless you’d like to upgrade your shipment to Express. Feel free to inquire about that shipping upgrade. You will be provided a USPS tracking number in your shipping confirmation email.


Are Hatching Eggs guaranteed?

When hatching eggs are shipped to you, they have already been fertilized. They will be unwashed, maintaining the protective bloom. Each egg is inspected for cracks or deformities. We package hatching eggs double boxed in high-quality foam egg shippers. We guarantee the eggs will arrive unbroken, and we will replace any that are cracked as long as we’re notified as soon as you open the box. We cannot guarantee hatch rates. Proper incubation is your responsibility. Under optimal conditions, 85-90% of fertilized eggs hatch, but hatching eggs may be subjected to less-than-optimal conditions during shipping.


How are Chicks shipped?

All live orders are shipped via USPS Express mail. Day-old chicks are placed in a well-ventilated cardboard box designed specifically for shipping chicks. Included with your chicks within the box will be some chick starter, Gro-gel, and a heat pack. These contents will help keep the chicks warm and hydrated for the duration of their travels. They will also be sustained by the absorption of their egg yolk for up to 72 hours. Rest assured, your chicks are traveling comfortably.


Do you ship Older Chicks, greater than day-old?

No. After 72 hours, the egg yolk has been absorbed and chicks are less likely to handle the stress of shipping. The only exception to this is our Ayam Cemani chicks.


Do you ship Pullets/Cockerels?

Yes, after 12+ weeks old age. Younger than 12 weeks, they’re only available for farm pick-up.


Do you ship your Point of Lay Red Sex Link Pullets?

No, our Red Sex Link pullets are only offered for farm pick-up. We will not ship them.


Can I bulk order the Point of Lay Red Sex Link Pullets?

We currently grow out approximately 300 a month. There is generally a running wait list from month to month. If you want to be guaranteed an order of 100+, please contact us directly. Orders of 200-500 will have to be made 4-6 months in advance. Again, just send us a message to discuss.