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Windmill Hill Hatchery

Tolbunt Polish (smooth) hatching eggs

Tolbunt Polish (smooth) hatching eggs

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The Tolbunt Polish is a polish breed, but the color is tolbunt. They are recognized by their large crests and beautiful Tolbunt patterning. Polish chickens are listed in the APA Standard of Perfection. The Tolbunt pattern is not recognized at this time.

Egg Laying

Tolbunt Polish hens lay a moderate amount of medium-sized white eggs. 

Appearance & Temperament

Tolbunt is a laced mottled pattern of brown, black and white. They come in frizzled and smooth feather types. The tolbunt pattern is not easy to maintain and improve, so this is an ongoing project.

Tolbunt Polish are a docile bird ideal for confinement or urban situations. The hens can be quite chatty and the roosters can be friendly. Beware of predators as their crests can restrict eyesight, so self-defense probably isn’t their strong suit. They're easily startled.



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