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Windmill Hill Hatchery

Welsummer day-old chick

Welsummer day-old chick

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*Jan 1 Update: Shipping will resume March 1, weather dependent. I will be making judgment calls on the weather in your area. Aside from inclement weather and temperature extremes, orders will be filled in the order that they are received. Local pickups may be available sooner depending on availability from test hatches.

One of the most popular breeds, Welsummers are highly sought after for their eggs. Welsummers lay beautiful, rich brown eggs adorned with speckles of pigment. They also display a lovely personality and temperament.

They are an auto sexing breed- male and female chicks present a different color pattern at hatch. 

Egg Laying

Welsummers are average egg layers. However, the pigment of the eggs is far from ordinary. Eggs are a beautiful deep brown colour, usually rich with speckles. 

Appearance & Disposition

Welsummers are a beautiful, strong-bodied chicken. Their heavyweight and European origin means they fare well in winter temperatures. Plumage is neutral, making them seemingly well camouflaged. They feature large red combs and yellow legs. 

This breed is calm, friendly, and docile. They’re known to be a little on the chatty side, hens can be more vocal. They don’t mind being handled, which is great for kids or affectionate chicken owners. They’re happy to be kept enclosed in a run or allowed free to forage. 


We do not guarantee egg color. There is fluctuation in egg color for every breed. Our Welsummer can lay a a variety of shades of brown, dark to light, and patterns, heavily spotted to light speckles.

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