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Windmill Hill Hatchery

Ayam Cemani day-old chick

Ayam Cemani day-old chick

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The Ayam Cemani is a breed developed from the selective breeding of a naturally occurring mutation of wild landrace chickens in Java, Indonesia.  This mutation is black hyperpigmentation called fibromelanosis (fibro).  While the mutation had occurred sporadically in this landrace variety for centuries, steps were taken to select towards an all-black, inside and out, bird in the early 20th century. 

Egg Laying

The Ayam Cemani is said to be a poor egg-layer. In my experience, they’ve performed well. They lay a medium white-cream egg, sometimes colored a light pink. Compared to the size of the hen, the egg is relatively large.

Appearance & Disposition

Ayam Cemani are striking. Their all-black feathers have a stunning beetle-green iridescence in the sunlight.

They are not an overly large fowl. The roosters weigh around 4.5-6.5lb, with the hens weighing about 3.5-4.5lb. They’re more of a medium-sized fowl.

In appearance, they are strong and muscular with close-fitting feathers, not unlike a game bird. They strike a confident pose and are always alert. In general, Ayam Cemani are a friendly, intelligent, gentle, docile breed.


Ayam Cemani are still a breed in progress. Breeders are in a position of having to cull hard in order to better their breeding forward. I do cull at hatch. You will not receive any chick that I would not retain myself. Immediate culls for my breeding program: any white padding on the foot, white toe, white toenail, clear toenail with the absence of a black quip, pink/white sublingual, pink/white hard palate, pink/solid white tongue, white-ish or oyster tongue is accepted if edges are grey/black and the hard palate and sublingual are dark. When choosing future breeders, grow-outs are later evaluated for any sign of leakage, mulberry, and incomplete fibro within the mouth. Any dedicated breeder will tell you that Ayam Cemani can grow into better fibro expression, but they can also grow out of it. Ayam Cemani are considered a high cull rate breed. 

Please note The Standard of Perfection has not yet been accepted, however, the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association remains steadfast in developing a Standard of Perfection for the protection and betterment of the breed. Windmill Hill puts a lot of work and effort into improving our line towards the proposed SOP. 



Ayam Cemani chicks will ship on Saturdays at 5 days old. If you choose to combine your order with other breeds, we can discuss shipping 1 week old Ayam Cemani with your other day-olds. 

I feel that Ayam Cemani chicks benefit more from immediate hydration and food intake versus shipping day-old relying on egg yolk absorption. I’d rather keep them a few extra days on stable brooding temperatures to be confident I’m sending out strong stock. This is my personal opinion and understand if you do not agree.



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